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I believe this life that we get to live is amazing, and we should take a moment to be in awe of it. We should work every day to appreciate it more, and to make the very best of it we can. We can make this world a better place
with just a little more care,
a little more attention,
and a little more wonder.

Nicholas creates photographs for people who want to change the world.
People that build beautiful things and create wonderful places.
People that are meticulous and intentional about creating a peaceful place, a wonderful experience, a tastier dish.
People who believe in thoughtful, intentional, well executed design.
People who want everything to work perfectly, seamlessly, with an ease and precision brings us endless joy.

He makes photos for them because he believes that work is incredibly valuable, and our world is a better place when they do more of it, when their impact is scaled up to the maximum, because they create a wonderful world worth living in.

A little history:

He fell in love with photography while he was a chef running a food blog. He was obsessed with improving as a cook, creating the absolute best food possible so he could bring joy and excitement to those that ate it. He wanted their lives to be better as a result of what he made. That same passion carried on through the pictures he took, and into every aspect of his life.

What started with pictures of food and dining lead to creating images of restaurants both inside and out, a skill that transformed into photographing homes, hotels, retail shops, and buildings for business owners, realtors, home builders, architects, hoteliers and professionals in the home building industry.

Publications Include

New York Times
Time Out New York
New York Magazine

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