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Ever since I was a kid I loved looking at homes and interesting places. I'd pick up home design magazines and real estate listings, and I'd always wander off to explore places, much to my mother's dismay. Every trip to a new city always included a drive around the neighborhoods to see all the great houses. I'd dream of the house I'd build one day while getting more and more inspired by everything I saw. Some years later I got into real estate and started taking photos of my own listings, and the more I did it I started to realize something: I've always enjoyed LOOKING at homes. It's the imagery, the graphic nature, the light, the design. That's what I loved about it for all those years. Once I had that realization, It all sort of clicked. I'd been fascinated with flashlights wince I was a child, too. It's easy to look back and see the dots connect, but how could I have guessed back then?

But what about the food photography, you might be wondering?

I got into cooking around the same time I got my first camera. Like anyone who first gets a new toy, I looked for any possible reason to use it. So I took photos of this, that, and everything around me. Look up, there's a thing. Look down, there's a thing. What's my friend doing? There's another photo. Eventually I found that I was taking more photos of food than anything else. As I became a better cook, so too did my photo improve - A beautiful subject always helps. I started a food blog and took more and more photos over the years of running the blog, and started to take photos at all the restaurants I visited too. Soon I had quite the archive of imagery and the industry took notice and requests for my images started to come in. This was around the same time that I was taking all the images of houses I mentioned earlier, so it seems like it was just the right time for me to devote myself completely to photography. 

It's been many years since then and I've had a wonderful time producing images that have helped business grow, inspired people to build more beautiful homes, caused little rumbles in bellies everywhere, urged people to get out and explore the world, to experience more, to really embrace life and live the best life they're capable of.

Publications Include

New York Times
Time Out New York
New York Magazine

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