Alan Ck & Co.

Fun story of how this one came to be: My friend Moiz was sitting in Devoción editing some photos and had his camera gear splayed out on the table. Zalan, who owns Alan CK & Co., walked up to him and mentioned he needed a photographer. Moiz told Zalan he was just a hobbist, and that Zalan should call me. So thanks much to Moiz for that referral. Always the best.

Zalan and I talked about the best way to show off his wares. We did a mix of studio style product photography on white seamless in his apartment, then we went downstairs to his building's communal kitchen to produce these lifestyle shots. Tia Meyers came along and helped out with the food styling, on which she did an excellent job.

Fun fact: Zalan is the model washing the carrots. This was totally his idea.

Product & Lifestyle Photography - Cuttingboards & Serveware
Client: Alan CK & Co.
Project Date: April 6th, 2017