Have you got skills?

I just signed up for the latest Creative Mornings event, which I usually fail to get into because I'm not fast enough with the refresh to beat out everyone else who's trying to get in. But today I made it. I'd tell you my strategy, but then you might just be more competition. So let's change the topic before you start trying to sort it out.

After signing up I thought it would be a good time to update my profile. Turns out it was, as it had some outdated information on it and other fields that were completely blank.

Here's the quick bio I worked up. It's mostly a mashup of previous mini bios I wrote for Instagram:

I like to take pictures of beautiful places and delicious things. Home & Architecture enthusiast, ex-chef, full time foodie. I take photos all day and eat too much.

The next section is where the real fun began, though. 

It's titled "My Skills" and as soon as you click the entry box, you get a drop-down menu. I wonder if it was populated intentionally, or if it's a collection of what other users have input in the past. I quickly typed in "photography", what one might say is my primary skill these days (since it is the source of my income). I selected several of the photography related options. But then I decided to peruse the list and see what other "skills" were suggested.

The array of possibilities, some lovably goofy, got me thinking about who I am and what matters to me. This lead to some soul searching and an opportunity to help me understand myself better. Who I am, of course, extends well beyond the realm of photography and all the things I know and could potentially share with others is very wide-ranging. So I started clicking on skills and soon built up quite the list of skills.

Here are some fun "skills" I chose:

  • Cat Petting - I get significant practice every day on my 3 cute kitties. Bonus Skill - 'herding cats' 🐈
  • Bicycle Riding - I may not be a power rider, but I do love a good bicycle outing. 🚲
  • Climbing Things - I love ascending.
  • Book-Binding - I took a book-binding course in college. I haven't made many books since then, but I still know how and I always analyze how well books are made now. 📚
  • Extreme Napping - I love a good nap. But what is extreme napping? Like, sleeping an unstable boulder? You be the judge. 
  • Getting up in the morning - I sleep in a lot, but if there's something I want to do in the morning, like get a sunrise photo or drive out of town before traffic, I have no problem getting up at 4am.
  • Hugging - I am very frequently complimented on the quality of my hugs. It's a point of pride. Not sure how it started, probably from positive reinforcement from someone who really appreciated a hug long ago. 
  • Hydrating - If there's a single solid piece of health advice, this is it. Stay immensely hydrated.
  • Making guacamole - Lots of people think they're good at this. I'm better. Let's have a showdown. 🥑
  • "Seeing different perspectives of simple everyday things" - I'm not sure what they were going for with this one, but I am wildly optimistic and that runs contrary to how most people seem to interpret the world.
  • Staring longingly into the distance - what a wonderful skill to master.
  • Wayfinding - Love being the leader of the pack, finding the right way to go. Although, I still get turned around when I exit the subway. Where am I, again?
  • Putting things into boxes - Hey, what's this doing here? This doesn't go here. I think I'll put it in this box of other stuff I found in the wrong place. 📦

If you're having as good of a time as I am, you can see the whole list and more silly things I wrote about myself (Click here).