Photo Critique - Morning Minimal Stone House

I saw this a while back on April 24th to be exact. I set up my new tab screen to show me beautiful places from Archdaily, and this one really caught my eye. I poured of the images one morning and felt inspired to write a bit about the pictures. Enjoy.

I love the feel of these photos, and how it so perfectly matches the house. The blank, dull blue-purple sky reflects the simplify of the house and does not distract from it, but is almost part of it. These photos wouldn't be nearly the same if there were clouds.

The rocks, which seem to form a fence in the foreground, compliment and ground the image. Solid stone below, open sky above. My god, I've become an art professor.

If you look closely, you can see this one breaks the illusion of the house existing solemnly. In the first image it feels like it could be in another dimension all by itself. In the second their are some fields around it, but still it exists alone. And the pulverized stone driveway around the house definitely says lunar landscape. In this third image, though, you can see there are actually other houses around. The one on the right might even be a small apartment building. It's subtle and you have to look at the images closely, but it does break the illusion. This could be good or bad, of course. It's good if you want to be truthful about the surroundings, but the first two images had an artistic feel about them, and this one breaks that artistic rendition of the house. Not to say that's wrong, but I really like the direction it was going and would have liked a follow-through.

Want to see more photos of this gorgeous place? Click below.

VMS House / Marcos Miguelez

Photos by Antonio Vázquez