RIP Northeast Kingdom

These are the last 3 pictures I took at Northeast Kingdom before it went out to pasture. The final "closed" image is pretty appropriate.


This place along with Hana Natural, made the Jefferson Station section of Bushwick what it is. It was a classic Brooklyn rustic farm-to-table place, the type that brought the food scene to Brooklyn over the past few years. In it's honor, I'm dedicating this autumn to photographing similar restaurants throughout Brooklyn to feature on Nooklyn Hoods

About these photos:

On April 6th, 2016, Moiz (far right, second image) and I were picking up burgers for the office, and I snapped a few quick pictures. The top one is the best, thanks to the beautiful sunlight pouring in the window balanded with the incandescent bulb above, the depth of field obscuring the foreground clutter, and the sharp clarity of the two diners and the menu. There's a great tonal range of bright spots to deep blacks. Very happy with this one, and the memories it brings back.

Rest In Peace, Northeast Kingdom.