Tomi Jazz - Live Jazz + Tasty Japanese Food / by Nicholas Doyle

Regina and I haven't had a night out on the town for longer than we can remember. I also haven't blogged in a really long time, so where's a two-for.

I was taking some photos in the James Hotel a few weeks ago when I overheard the fellow at the desk mention a low key Japanese jazz club in midtown by the name of Tomi Jazz. It sounded amazing so when Regina suggested we have dinner in Manhattan for a change, I knew just the place.

We got in at 7pm, just in time to hear the last half of The Greg DeAnglies Quintet set, which I loved. The band performed just on the other side of our table, which was amazing. We were only 3-4 feet from them.

The atmosphere there was great - it was dark and only had a few little lights and flames giving it a very intimate feel. I didn't take any food photos because I was trying not to be obnoxious with my camera. It's been a while since I've just shot something for fun like this, as lately it's been client work and portfolio projects. Here I just got to listen to some great jazz in a beautiful with my lovely lady, and I took a few quick shots to showcase the vibe. Here they are:

And here's what we ate, if you're curious:

Japanese Pickles - Great

Seaweed Salad - A greens salad with a little seaweed. Not what I was expecting.

Japanese Curry Rice - I've been obsessed with this lately. It was good.


Look good? Go check it out:

Tomi Jazz