What is the best camera to get today? / by Nicholas Doyle

You want a camera that is going to make the best pictures ever. One that will make all your photo dreams come true. 

Here it is!

Any camera you love to use.

Not quite what you were expecting? Let’s break it down.

1. Do you have a camera now?

Most likely, you have a cellphone camera. You’ll upgrade that phone every few years, so it’s going to keep getting better. Do you use it? Do you love it? Sweet, you’re done. Go snap away.

2. What are you struggling with?

If you’re not getting the photos you want, why? Is it because of your camera, or is because of inexperience? Is it because your camera is so big you don't carry it around?

The camera is just a tool. You need to understand light, composition, and your subject much more than you need to know how to use a camera. Once you have a clear idea of the photos you want to take, you can upgrade to a camera that solves your specific problems.

3. Get the camera you want.

Spend $100. Spend $10,000. Get a camera you’re excited to use every day, so you wake up and can’t wait to take pictures.

Don’t worry about getting the ‘best’ or the ‘right’ camera, just get one that makes you happy. Practice will make you good, and if one camera or another gets you taking more photos, then that’s the one that will make you a better photographer. So go with your heart.

4. Get a different camera. Get more cameras.

You’re not stuck with the first camera you get forever. If you decide you want something else from your photography your present camera isn’t well suited for, get one that is. Sell your old one, or keep it. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that you keep taking pictures, whatever it takes.

To recap:

  • Start with the camera you've got
  • Get a camera that solves your specific problems
  • Get a camera that makes you happy.
  • You're not stuck with one camera forever. Try something new.

So grab a camera and have fun.


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