Cebu Bar & Bistro - Food

Let's eat. Day 2 of the photoshoot at Cebu was of the menu. It was a long day filled with many delicious eats. I started to experiment with styling here. For a long time I'd been shooting food at restaurants mostly as it came, with little to add to the image beside maybe a fork and a napkin. This time around I asked the chef for every ingredient that made up the dish and I created a palate for the food to go on. The best results were with the fritters and the fish tacos. I also really loved the images of the fritters dunking in the sauce, and I just cannot decide between the two I posted below. One is nearly perfect and elegant, the other is more messy and intense, getting up into 'food porn' status. I also really enjoyed telling the visual story of the tomahawk steak, from the chef salting and preparing them, then grilling them, to the final plated presentation.

Cebu Bar & Bistro, Food
Client: Cebu Bar & Bistro
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Project Date: May 9th, 2017