My Process

You’ve got goals for your business, and it’s my job to help make those a reality. Maybe you want to grow your business, increase sales, bring in new customers, or increase your rates. Maybe you want to catalog some great work you’ve done that you’re really proud of. Maybe you’re looking for some huge art prints to adorn your home or office.

1. Meeting

Once you’ve gotten in touch about your project we’ll set a time to talk in more detail. Ideally we can meet up in person, but if not a video call is the next best thing.

2. Confirm the details

After that meeting I’ll send you detailed notes on what we talked about so we can be certain we’re on the same page and have a complete understanding of how we’re going to move forward. You’ll confirm it’s spot on or we’ll make any necessary changes

3. Project Description, Estimate, and Contract

Next up I’ll send you an outline of the project along with our contract and an estimate. I’ll walk you through every detail step by step so you have a complete understanding of how we’ll work together. Once we’ve got a complete understanding, we’ll sign the contract.

4. Advance - Reservation, Pre Production

Once you receive the estimate you’ll send me 50% to reserve the date and  to begin any necessary preproduction. You’ll do this with a bank wire, quick pay, Zelle, whatever digital payment you prefer.

Coordinate with outer parties - stylists, models, cleaners, etc.

If it is possible to scout the project location head of time to start planning for the images we’ll make, I do so during this time or up to the day before the photoshoot.

5. Payment

To cover the expenses of the photoshoot, including the actual production, the post production that follows, and the transfer of usage rights upon final delivery of the images, you’ll send over the remainder of your investment on the day of or before the photoshoot. This enables a quick turn around time so you can get the images quick and start putting them to use. If it’s easier for you to just send one payment rather than two, you’re welcome to send the full amount in step six when you first receive the estimate.

6. Production Day - The Photoshoot

I’ll arrive at the shoot location with my assistant and we’ll unload our gear and get set up to start making photos. If I have not already scouted the location during the preproduction stage, I’ll do so at the start of the shoot day to get a feel for where the best images will be made.

If you’d like to be on location or send a representative so we can collaborate on the the production, that would be great and is always a lot of fun for us. If you can’t make it, no problem, we’ll make some great photos all the same.

How the images are made depends greatly on the kind of project we’re doing, but the process often follows this formula:

  • Find the best composition to showcase the subject.

  • Get the camera in the perfect position for that composition

  • Arrange the objects within the frame so they appeal to the camera’s perspective

  • Light the scene, or control or modify the existing light

  • Insert any people or activity necessary to bring the image to life

  • Create the image or images that will be blended into the final image.

  • Move on to the next subject and repeat.

If you’d like to see some samples of this process in action, watch the video below:

7. Post Shoot Check-In

If you’re not on location for the shoot, I’ll give you a call once we wrap up and tell you how it went - the highlights, what went well, and what improvements we can make on the next shoot. I’ll also give you an estimate of how long the post-production will take and when you should expect to hear from me next.

8. Post-Production

In the old days of film, you’d shoot a picture in the field and then take it to the darkroom for development. Today it’s just the same. In the field we’re able to get a preview of the final image thanks to shooting digital, but there’s still a lot of work to be done to bring the base images up to something spectacular. I usually just call this “editing” for brevity, but it’s often the most complicated part of the process. For many of my images, they’re compilations of multiple images I shot in the field that I blend together seamlessly to create a single image that helps transport you to the place depicted. Here’s a quick overview of this process:

  • Selection of the images that will be composited

  • Merging the selected images

  • Blemish removal

  • Color correction

  • Perspective tweeking

You can see what this part of the process is like in this video:

9. Presentation

Once I’ve completed my work on the images, we’ll meet up either in person or in a video call and I will present the final images to you. I’ll tell you what decisions lead to each images being the way it was, and how each particular image is meant to help achieve your goals.

10. Delivery

After the presentation I’ll send you a link to download the images on my delivery platform, which you can immediately download and begin using. If you notice anything in an image that needs a final adjustment, just let me know and I’ll fix it up for you.

And that’s it! The project is complete and you have the images in hand, ready to be put to work to achieve your goals. If you’d like a little consultation on how best to implement the images, I’m love to give you that guidance. And I’ll look forward to when we can work together on another project.

If you’re reading this because you’re considering hiring me for a project, I thank you for your consideration and being so interested in how I work.

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