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I'm a New York City based photographer specializing in interior, architecture, and food photography. I love to travel and happily take projects far beyond the city.

After years of photographing food and restaurants, I knew I wanted to focus on beautiful spaces. Restaurants aren't just a plate of food, they're a place you love to be and experience. A kitchen isn't just a place where food is cooked, it's the heart of a home, and it's a space we're all drawn toward. How these places are designed affects us on a deep level and has a massive impact on our lives, and I strive to highlight that and encourage people to seek out the best.

I like to make each project a fun and interactive experience. I get to know my clients and understand what they're striving toward, what their goals and aspirations are, what drew them to create the the incredible building or gorgeous plate of food I'll be highlighting. We all put a little bit of ourselves into our work, and I like to find what that is by getting to know the people I work with and having fun with them while we're on location. 

Each photo I take involves seeking out the very best composition and selecting the perfect combination of natural and practical light to create evocative, artistic images that draw the viewer in and allow them to feel transported to the place they're seeing.

It's a rare day that I'm not out wandering with my camera looking for places to explore and things to photograph. Sometimes it's architecture, other times it's food, sometimes it's just a magical moment. And I travel as often as I can to places new and different.


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