2017 Retrospective - March

A new chapter

March of 2017 started a new chapter for me. I had been doing work on retainer for Nooklyn for two years building out their neighborhood guides and photographing apartments and cool places all over New York City and even doing two weeks of intense shooting in San Francisco. I had an amazing time working on these projects with them, but they shifted their focus away from building out the neighborhood guides and so it was time to bring that to an end.

I still do a bit of real estate photography for them from time to time, but my focus shifted heavily toward doing more client work in architecture and food.

That leads up to the major events from March:

March 23rd - Midcentury Modern Residence on Staten Island

I bought myself a DJI Mavic Pro and got into the world of flying cameras. It's funny to think that I've only had it for less than a year.

March 29th - Made my first drone video

I attended my first (and only so far) Creative Live event. I was so enamored with the beautiful hotel that I stuck around afterward and took photos of it. While doing so, I met Sophie, A blogger from New Zealand who had just moved to New York. We bonded over our love of Cabins and started plotting a trip upstate that eventually became our Olivebridge adventure.

I haven't edited or posted the other photos from that day at the One Hotel, so look forward to seeing those next time. They're dark, rainy, and moody - something I've really been loving lately as an antidote to all the ultra-bright real estate images I've been making for so long.

Have you got a trend in your work that you've found yourself wanting to lash out against?