Leaf House, Austin TX / by Nicholas Doyle


Do you like to roam around neighborhoods and look at houses? You see a house and start imagining the life you’d live there. I’ll have all my friends over for huge dinner parties, play in the pool, start a vegetable garden, throw water balloons in the hedge maze, etc. Right? On some rare occasions, you stumble across a place that stops you in your tracks. That’s what happened with this one.

Heather and I were driving around Austin looking at houses and as soon as I spotted this one I had her stop the car. I had to take a few pictures.

Just look at it! The dried leaf patters on the walls, the organic roofline, the columns made to look like trees with branches, the crazy brickwork on the planter in the yard. Here’s a person that really chose to have some fun with their home design. More people should take this approach and put some love and character into their homes.


The overcast lighting conditions were pretty poor so I wasn’t able to get any photos I was really happy with here. I’ll get the place could look fabulous at twilight, with a nice glow coming from under the roofline. Maybe next time.