New Headshots by Chris Setter / by Nicholas Doyle

Full-Torso web.jpg
Mid-Torso web.jpg
Mugshot-with-glasses copy.jpg

Nooklyn has been doing a few rounds of headshots to streamline their look when it comes to agent photos. They asked me the take the portraits and I told them portrait photography isn't my bag. Fortunately, they asked Chris Setter, who is doing, as you can see, a fantastic job.

I still had a Profoto B1 and 5' Octobox left over from a week rental for the Convene Food shoot, and I wanted to get some more use out of it before I returned it. One of the Nooklyn photo sessions was on the day before it was due back, so I brought it by for Chris to use for his headshot session. We got it set up and Chris took a few test shots of me before he got started with the agents.

I did some minor retouching on the first two images - removing a few blemishes and a lot of hairs and dust from the shirt, as well as making the background solid white. We were having some trouble getting all the lights to talk, since profoto doesn't like to play with others. He got it working after these test shots, though. The hotshoe passthrough was loose.

I didn't do any retouching on the last image because I'm hoping to use it as a passport photo. We'll see how that goes.

I'm excited to have some top notch photos. Time to go upload them everywhere. I already added one to my About page here on the site, and my page on Nooklyn, which Moiz has been updating to display my photos. Ain't that snazzy?