Dungeon Beach

I've been friends with Tim Korn, owner of Dungeon Beach Studios, for many years. Back when his studio was just a spare bedroom in his house. It's amazing how far he's come and to see him working in such a beautiful space. I've attended many parties there over the years where I've snapped a few fun pictures. When they restructured the studio recently, one of the new partners insisted they get some professional images to freshen up their look and show off the space. So they gave me a call, and I was very excited to help.

This shoot as both fun an challenging, because each room contained a ton of equipment, which cut down on how extensively we could stage the place. We did move the rear speakers out of the A room for the second photo here, otherwise that shot would have been impossible because there would have been a speaker taking up most of the foreground. You can see we put them back in the following image. We also switched the chair out in that third image because the leather one was just too big and loud there.

We rummaged the art book on the table out of a closet, and the colorist Jeff (the new partner mentioned above), picked up the eucalyptus for the coffee table. It was the only item purchased explicitly for staging the space, haha.

The guys added some string lights to the movie theater to coloring suite theater to give it a more cozy vibe,  and to make the shape of the room a little more visible since it's so dark. They of course don't use said lights while working in there.

The recording room was extra tricky, too, given how many instruments were in there.

Dungeon Beach
63 N 3rd St
Client : Dungeon Beach
April 7th, 2017